I think most of us grow up believing, “actions speak louder than words”, therefore, if you say one thing, but do another, you are actually not being truthful.

Unfortunately, the game of love is never so clear. The state of “being in love” is COMPLETELY separate from the ABILITY to maintain it.

Being in love“, is a gift that just happens. No work, money, bribery, or promises is required to fall in love. You meet someone, and you will either spend the rest of your life with them, or physically separate but emotionally with them. Either way, its eternal.

So now you are in love, now what? DO you magically turn into this perfect creature who never says anything harmful, and never lies? Chances are, if you were honest, you are still honest, and if you are a scumbag, you are still a scumbag. Your character, daily habits, morality, and weaknesses are not going to disappear, and neither will your partner’s.

“Love partnerships”, is the realization that the act of being in love, is a gift that requires many tasks. The love you share, is meant to be the glue that binds two people, with varying qualities that can help the other person achieve their life purpose.

However, people come with their own set of baggage. You must accept, forgive, support, compromise, and repeat. Or, if you are at fault you must grow up, change, and do better. No Exceptions.

You do it not because it makes you happy, but because you NEED the person you love. I know what I am saying is controversial considering, most believe people are replaceable and disposable. If a partner is slacking, swipe right and get a new one.

Unfortunately, there are many people in the world but very few that will touch your heart. The experience, power, and effects are nowhere near the capacity of true love.

If you are lucky enough to find love. Fight for it. People are not perfect, and neither are you. Make sure they are okay, even if they don’t deserve. Learn to forgive when they are cruel. Give when they take. Believe in the power of loving someone who doesn’t deserve it.