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Recently, I was out for drinks with a friend, and she asked me about love. More specifically, “how do you know when it’s love?”

Immediately I was flooded with different examples, and endless stories, but my thoughts were not organized nor focused. Im pretty sure I didn’t make much sense, but I have been thinking about it a lot these days, and here are my top 4 signs it is love.



There was you before love and then you after love, the destinction is clear.It is such a powerful experience that your perspectives on life, will have new eyes.

It will be obvious to you and others that you are no longer acting or behaving the same as before. Whether the behavior change is good or bad or even just funny, something new will be breathing life in your behavior.


“BREATHLESS” A Loss for  words.

You know that feeling you get when you see a sunset, or a mountain top view? That moment where words don’t come out and you’re left in breathless awe? That’s how love feels.

My theory is, this is why so many love couples spend romantic dates near nature. Whether it be sunset walks on the beach, mountain hikes, or picnics at the park, love mimics nature and it makes you want to be part of it.



There is a strange feeling of a “click” that happens when you fall in love.  They “complement” the other piece and feed the other half what it needs. This can mean many factors from, challenging, teaching, sharing, hurting, supporting, etc, the other half. It is a partner who is made to help you form into the person you are meant to be. Therefore, it is incorrect to hope your partner should think and behave exactly like you. Your partner is everything you need but perhaps not always what you want.



There is always that one person that never leaves your heart and defies time. The memories remain clear, and the emotions never leave you. It doesn’t matter how much time passes, or how hard you may try to hate that person, there is always that one, that will forever stay in your heart. Whether it be a grotesque mole on your foot or a beauty mark, it will be with you FOREVER.