People mess up, and sometimes more than others. They continuously hurt others, because they are hurt themselves.  Do we cast them off into the darkness and shun them from the rest of the world?

Society would say yes. The world we live in rejects the concept of loving those who do not “DESERVE” our love. We play this game of mathematics measuring the love we put in, against the love we receive. Basing actions of kindness on the actual return value.

The thing is, how can we ever expect a better world when we continuously reject and give up on those who need it the most? Is it really such a bad thing to never give up on someone who you love?

This is my dilemma. I have loved only one person my entire life, and it has not been the peaches and roses that Disney movies promise little girls. Disappointment has been in the abundance, and heartache almost routine. According to the mathematics of life, I should find a “better” suitor and pursue my own well being. However,  love is not something you choose, but something you are given. I do not understand why I love this one man more than my own life, but I do. It is perhaps, the hardest experience of my life, but nevertheless a character builder.

It is easy to run from people who hurt you. However, POSITIVE changes in our world can only happen when people share love with those who do not “deserve” it. I am well aware, many people will highly disagree with my perspective, but I do not really care. Loving someone with all my heart has allowed me to love the world with all its imperfections. People will screw you over, and people will disappoint you, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t return their bad actions with a positive one. Yes, you may get hurt. Yes, it may inconvenience your life, but a life all about you, is the precise reason our world is so messed up. This world needs more people that dare the embarrassment of loving something who has screwed you over. Love provides an abundance of lessons. It can out weigh fear, hate, and misery created by human error, but takes a lot work, and belief in the impossible.