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So I cam across this quote by Ben Sweetland, “Happiness is a Journey…Not a Destination” and disagreed with it so much that I decided to write about it.

From my experience, “Happiness is a Destination..and not a Journey”. Everyone is constantly pressuring society to be happy all the time, but the reality is, it is not possible, nor meant to be that way.
I use to also believe the main purpose of life was to be happy. However, through my very hard 2, well actually 6 years of my life, I have realized such ideas are very wrong. Sadness, pain, confusion, stress, are all part of the process of reaching “happiness”.
Let’s take a very literal situation of an actual “trip”. The process for me to get there, is always chaotic, stressful, tiring, and quite a bit of work. However, I do it, because I know the destination, will bring me “happiness”. Of course along the way, there will be unexpected happy moments, and fun, but all in all there is “work” to be done.
If anything is desired to be achieved in life, pain, work, stress, heartache, are all factors in the process. If “happiness” is what you expect during the entire process, it hinders your ability to achieve your obstacles. Life has no value if it is easy. it is through the hard moments that you evolve and grow. In many ways, happiness is a lie given to you by society and is being used to discourage rather than motivate. Happiness was never meant to be the meaning of life nor is pain. Happiness is strictly the gift of motivation. We need to stop using it as a tool for discouragement, by giving false information about how it should be constant, and if not you are screwing up somehow. It is meant to help you. Happiness gets you through the pain, and helps you strive for those moments of relief. If you live your life correctly, it is not possible to enjoy all aspects of your life, at all times. If this were the case we would experience nothing, stop growing and go nowhere. Happiness is not constant, but doing what you love will bring you self respect, hope, and self worth. If you are not happy, it means you are in the process of getting there.
Always do what you love, and pain or happiness is all part of the process of painting the greatest picture called, “LIFE”.