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So it’s late now, and of course this means I’m alone with my thoughts, and frustrations, making me want to rant.
Topic of the moment: Sluts

Listen, I am not one to use bad language, and I do not believe anyone should be demoralized as a “slut” if they are not. However, if it quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, and tastes like a duck, it’s a freaken DUCK.
In other words, some girls/guys really deserve the title, “slut”. This is the physical act of sleeping with anyone, and everyone. Sex is acted as a physical form of pleasure, and to them, it really doesn’t matter who it is with.
So why does that bother me and make me want to rant in the wee hours of the morning? Simple. The guy I love is a slut. When he left me, he told me it was for his sanity and it was crucial for him to focus on his career. Did he do that? Nope. Basically he left our relationship of 8 years, acted like a slut and hooked up with sluts. This not only adds salt to a already bloody wound, but it is topped off by insults and questions.

I think of sluts like fast food. They are fast, cheap, pleasureable, and regrettable. It personally makes me feel sick and insulted that, somehow, in the mix of the “time” battle, I lost and they won. He left me to spend time with them? Ouch. I know that “logically” he is the idiot, but in my heart it is still another gash into my bloody heart. I mean, after all, a battle lost is a battle lost. However, how can a good girl beat a slut at her game?
My ex will never admit to it, but there was always this girl, who by the way, was once in love with him and they had hooked up right before we got together. Anyways, she was always around him during our relationship. Even going as far as becoming best friends with his younger brother! Married, single, friends, you name it she slept with them. Not to mention she even had an abortion with a married man. To top it off she is not attractive at all. However, she still managed to be the girl that caused me the most suspicision, pain and insecurity in my entire relationship with my ex. It is pathetic and humiliating that I felt such a character is “competition” but the truth of the matter is, sluts don’t fight fair. They are all ice cream and cake, and I am left serving broccoli and spinach, because I “care”. They are all fun, and games, with no rules, responsibility, or obligations. I always assumed my ex left me for her once I moved back to the States. I mean, they were hanging out a lot the week he dumped me.
Anyways, fast forward two years later, and back into present tense. I asked him, if he had gotten in a relationship with her since we had broken up. He denied it, but said he had slept with her once but it meant nothing. For me, it was heart wrenching, because,a) I don’t believe him and b) of all people, NOT her! Not to mention she has been there all this time. Before me, during me, and after me. She is like this creepy leech that will never let go. Clearly, she won and… Okay, I think I’m going to start crying.
Anyways, Life is eternally painful for me. I love this idiot, despite the fact that I will never really get anything back from him. People promise you that the person you love will Love you back, and you will live this “happily ever after”. Well, I am here to tell you that Is a bunch of crap. I love this man who I know loves me, but thats not enough to have a relationship. Society constantly mixes up the two, but if you want a long, successful relationship with the person you love, you have to want love and want to grow up and do the “right” things. I honestly, do not believe my ex wants love, and finds his weaknesses for me as a nusiance. I make him feel something, and that’s annoying. I tell him things he doesn’t want to hear because I love and care for him, but that is inconvenient and makes him blame me for his problems. Life is not as simple as it is made out to be. Love may be eternal, but the ability to remain together, takes work and maturity.
Sluts make it harder for love to survive, especially with men who have brains in their nuts.
RANT ENDS. goodnight.