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In the New York Daily News, Walters published a Eulogy to Joan Rivers admitting “there may have even been a bit of competition between us in the beginning,” but said she and Rivers eventually became close, calling her old friend “wonderful company.”

First of all, am I the only one that didn’t know Barbara Walters was such a “close friend” to Joan Rivers? Her Eulogy was equally perplexing with it’s rather
sweet outer crust of praise, while constantly making conflicting jabs that left a bitter after taste for every reader.

Barbara Walters wrote:

“But there are a few things that are important to know about Joan Rivers; and she would not be shy about me saying so.

She wasn’t a great beauty and she didn’t have great success with men. She had a disappointing marriage to a man who almost ruined her career and then, sadly, committed suicide.

Her stage act was very raunchy. She would make fun of herself. Make fun of her looks. Make fun of her body and she would put herself down in order to win an audience’s approval. Frankly she did almost anything for a laugh. Anything to get an applause. And boy did she make them roar.” (Barbara Walters in New York Daily News)

As a respected journalist for most of her life, it is shocking for me to read a Eulogy that sounds more like a script out of “Mean Girls”, rather than a heartfelt goodbye to a dear friend.

Yes, Joan River’s comedy was completely uncensored. It was shocking, without limits, and unpredictable. However, she was undeniably brilliant. Always balancing the harshness of her words with a love-able wit that allowed you to not take yourself or others too seriously. If she has taught me anything, it is to not fear my weaknesses, but to laugh at them. We all have them and so did she. Always horribly raw, she touched the hearts of many, and it is with great disappointment to read such a biting Eulogy.
Rest in Peace Joan Rivers, you will live forever in the hearts of those you have touched.