Commonly we are told, that the validity of Love is identified by the actions presented by the person who is “in-love”. For example, if he/she loves you they will never lie, cheat, hurt you etc. However, this is not true.

First of all, think about it, how did you act when you were in love? As far as for myself, I wish I could say I was respectful, understanding, and perfect, all the time. However, love is the most heightened sense of life, and emotion. Never had I been so out of control. I never dealt with such emotions and it can be quite overwhelming, and confusing on what is happening. Things get twisted, misunderstandings, happen, and emotions are on Fire. It also does not help that Society makes “love” seem like some Disney Movie where everything all of a sudden is always HAPPY and Perfect.
I can only speak on behalf of my own experience, but when I was faced with “love”, in many ways I lost myself. I realized in many ways I was living a lie, created by the perspective of who I am in the eyes of others, simply because stressful situations pull out a lot of truths. I know, society tells you “losing yourself, is a danger sign of a abusive relationship and in some cases it is. However, love is different, and for me the difference was clear. Love, for me was life changing. I felt ALIVE for the first time, and this included happiness, pain, and the revealing of TRUTHS. The person I “thought”, or in many ways who I was brought up to be, was shaken to the deepest core. All my flaws were exposed and I was forced to rebuild.
Love is an unexplainable bond, that can only be felt, and never fully explained. It is eternal, and an experience only comparable to a destined miracle.