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Breaking up is hard, but the challenging part is moving on.

People, often misunderstand “moving on” as in dating someone new or trying to forget about the person you are no longer with. The heart is not something you can control. You may change all factors of your life, but your heart will still remain where it wants.

If you want to move on, the first step is accepting you have very little control of your heart. It loves who it chooses, and you have very little say. Trust me, letting go of this power will prevent you from making regrettable mistakes.

Moving on means, you accept the path you were given. It is the “physical”separation of starting a new life, and the “physical” act of moving forward. Who you love is not something you can control, but you have complete control in what you will do. Get up, clean your room, brush your teeth, these are all things that you CAN do. Will it cure your broken heart? Probably not, but these positive first steps are moving you forward.

Emotions are something that will change in reaction to what you do, therefore, the clearing or collecting of negative vibes will determine the course of your future. If you desire to dig your way out of a dark depression then you must clear out all negativity from your life. Open your curtains, get some sun, hang out with positive people, and do good things. Positive places and behaviors, are like the saying, “Birds of a feather flock together”, it attracts good people and better outcomes. 

Everyday, I live with a broken heart. There hasn’t been one day I didn’t think about my ex, or find my heart wandering to him. However, what I have also  learned is time moves you forward whether you like it or not. Don’t fight the natural course your life is making and trust things will work itself out. Nature is far wiser than we are, and like a tsunami or earthquake, the earth always rebuilds itself. 

good luck friends,