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This is perhaps the most beautiful wedding speech to ever exist. Published over a year ago, it immediately went viral and brought tears to millions. It currently is reaching 13 million in views. Whether you are happily in love or treacherously heart broken, or somewhere in the middle, this is proof “LOVE” is existing in our world.

I first watched this video a year ago, right around my break-up. I remember sobbing, wishing, my ex would have been able to love me the way this man loves his wife, and our tragic end, would have somehow been a “happily ever after” .
Over a year has passed and I stumbled across this video again and once again cried, but this time I was inspired to write. The wheels in my head now functioning, I am able to understand why this video is so beautiful to me.
After having my heartbroken, and losing my “happily ever after” with the only man I ever loved, there was many chances to make a left turn into “Bitterville”. Actually, it is a constant battle, to not be bitter for those lucky couples that somehow, “love” each other so “Beautifully”. I am not talking about perfection, because nothing is more boring than “perfect”. I am talking the kind of Love where you know what you have and you are capable of cherishing it and appreciating the gift that was bestowed upon you. Of course they also have their quarrels and problems, and maybe they will split someday, but for even this one moment, to love so purely, so eternally. The kind of love where it makes you so grateful to everyone, from friends, to family and spreading thanks. This wedding is a celebration of LOVE, and you can feel the energy in the air, and the power of what love can do. LOVE is all about THANKS, and the more you can do this the more beautiful and stronger you become.
Unfortunately, for some, including myself, rather than growing more thankful as I loved, I grew more fearful. Afraid of losing what I cherished so much, and jealous of those who endangered it. So rather than our love growing stronger, and strengthening us as individuals, it did the exact opposite.
Such a fragile thing, this thing called Love. The tears that fall down my cheeks now, as I watch this video, are bittersweet. So sweet to know that love in this world does exist so beautifully, and there are people that find a way to cherish it in the most beautiful way. It touches my heart in such a inexplainable way, and I hope more couples achieve this type of “love” that is made of complete and utter appreciation.