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“It has been a rough year, but the good news is, I got to eat a lot of Pizza.” Me

Over the course of a year, I have become quite a master of “comforting myself”. lol.( Currently, chuckling at how desperate that just sounded.) Anyways, when your days are filled with tears and heart ache, ANYTHING that makes it even a tiny bit better, is worth considering. 

Here are My Top 7 Tips

1.) Cuddly Blanket



The concept is pretty much the same as a kid sleeping with a “blankie”. lol. I snuggle with my ultra  plush blanket every night, and it brings me so much comfort. I can’t explain why, but it works!

2.) Candle


Candles are extremely relaxing and if you can find a scent you love, it really becomes such a treat to spend a part of your day next to one. 

3.) Bath Bombs



Even if you are not a bath person, trust me when I tell you nothing soothes your nerves like a warm bath with bath products. The key is to find a smell you like, dim the lights in your bathroom, and enjoy. 


4.) Vloggers on Youtube

Vloggers are something I discovered right after my break up. I honestly did not know such things existed but now a days anything is possible. Anyway, vloggers are people who document their lives daily, and post them on YouTube. 

The family I like to watch are called, SACCONEJOLYs and they live in Ireland. You can’t imagine how much it helped me to watch them throughout this year. I know it sounds a bit creepy, to watch people’s lives you do not know, but for my situation it was perfect! The fact is, I cut off all my friendships and had absolutely no social life, so watching vloggers, feels like you have a “friend” amd their little baby girl, Emilia is soooooo CUTE!


SACCONEJOLYs find them on Youtube




Emilia the cutest baby in the World!



These are their 6 dogs! 


4.) Hobbies



Start a hobby that excites you. Don’t worry about how crazy it might be or strange. The more new something feels, the less you relate to your past.

5.) Exercise



Force yourself to take a walk or a simply do some sit ups, and release those happy endorphins!

6.) Green Tea



Every morning the first thing I drink is a Big cup of really thick green tea. It is the most comforting drink I know, and according to research, it is proven to prevent  heart disease, cancer, etc. It is actually proven to reduce stress, and anxiety, even acne! 


When all else Fails….CHOCHLATE!! If you can depend on anything, chochlate is always there…..lol

Warning….may make you fat if repeated too many times.