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Hello Readers,

So its been a year, since my devastating breakup. For those of you who follow my blogs, know that the basis of almost all my posts are around heartbreak, love, and how  I deal with it. 

Today is a bittersweet day. A kind of satirical Birthday, of celebration and loss. I lost the love of my life, and still miss and love him dearly, but I can honestly say, this is the day I got my life back. I was devastated and completely lost. A complete mess, filled with pain that made me question love, life, religion, mankind, and everything I have every known or been taught. This was the moment, I started to think for myself, because quite honestly, this was my only savior.

What is life or love? Everyone runs around living a life to fit the ideals of others while completely avoiding the one main question of life. Why are we here? What is this purpose of life, and why was it given to me? When you experience as much pain as I did, there comes a point where you question life, and start questioning whether it is worth hanging on. What is the value of this life, that fills me with pain? It was at this time I realized “Happiness” is not the star of a worthy life. If you think about it, Happy means you get what you want, and you have what you need. With a universal mindset that “Happy” is the end all be all, we are doomed for disappointment and failure.

If this is the case, what should be the star of a worthy life? The answer is, “thankful”. To be thankful, means you appreciate whatever you have, a constant state of appreciation. Make your bed in the morning not because it looks nice, or you were told to, but as a silent “thank you” to the fact you have a bed, and sheets, and blankets. This may sound crazy to some, but showing appreciation does not require a response or acceptance. You do it, for yourself, for your own growth, and character. No matter how wealthy one is, I believe everyone should make their own bed, pick up after themselves, and show respect to everything whether alive or not. We live in such a wasteful age where we just throw things away, and buy   a new one. Believe it or not, this attitude spills over to the way you live your life and treat those you love. 

As soon as I focused my mind in a “thankful” way, I regained my strength. Like a flip of a switch,  I went from having nothing, to a life full of gifts, and possibilities. I may no longer have the one person I ever loved, but I now can see how lucky I really. The truth is, Life may not bless you in some areas, but if you look carefully, you have been blessed in many other ways.