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Fighting Hate with Hate, does that ever work? Lets all flick off all the bullies, and tell them F-u? What?

Gathering all bullied people to bully bullies, is beyond ridiculous. When are we going to start thinking about the problems and find real solutions? It is great that people are starting to take notice of bullying and are trying to get the word out, but we should be reducing hate, not firing it up. This is a perfect example of how society takes a serious issue, glamorizes it with famous people, and gets the word out by doing something scandalous, all while contradicting the very issue it is trying to fight.

If you want to fix something then it starts with your own behavior. Bullying is created by the exchange of powers. There is a chain effect of, someone who has more power, bullying someone weaker. It is disturbing to me how “anti-bullying”, has somehow become trendy, and it seems everyone uses the word so casually. So many celebrities come out to speak about how they were bullied, and if they really were, of course it is great to talk about it. However, I get the feeling most are simply jumping on the band wagon because it is the “popular” thing to be.

Bullying is not a light matter, and using the word lightly is disgusting. I’m pretty sure everyone has had an experience where someone was mean to you. I have had a handful of situations where girls were mean to me. Whether it be over a boy, what I was wearing, or who I was friends with. This happens everywhere, but I NEVER once considered it bullying. Now a days, all these situations would be considered as “bullying”, but this only shows thats people have a limited vocabulary. People being mean is part of “life”, and learning how to deal with them is a life skill. The problem is when people cross the line and hurt someone who cannot defend themselves. We have all witnessed this, when someone is deliberately making someones life a living nightmare. The issue is power. If someone is ganging up by numbers or is just clearly stronger physically or emotionally, and the victim is weaker and unable to get help, this is bullying. The fight is not fair, and THIS is when people need to step in and HELP. Don’t look the other way, say something, do something. People DIE from this everyday. HELPing someone you know is in pain, is a much more powerful solution, than flicking off a bully who is already full of anger. STOP showcasing the bully, what matters is YOU. What will YOU DO?