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Heartbreak is usually associated with your darkest hour. Closed curtains, staying inside, and overall DARKNESS.

I would never have predicted this period of extreme depth would bring me to my AWAKENING. I am currently living with a new set of eyes. Never have I appreciated the beauty of Nature. From rain, to sunshine, ocean, to forest, when did all these colors become so vibrant and breathtaking?

You see, I loved with all my heart and my heart was broken. Letting go of someone you love is never easy, but through all my pain, I awoke from my darkness, only to realize my entire life up till this heartbreak was in complete darkness. Being shattered was like throwing a rock at my little black world made of glass. I couldn’t see the beauty of the world, but now I can. I wanted to be perfect, I wanted to be liked, I wanted to be rich and I wanted it to be easy. I see the error in my ways, and it is horribly clear to me, how most people continue to live in this “darkness” and cannot see the beauty in the world they deny. Constantly chasing things and ideals that do not matter, and wanting things with no value. Do they ever take the time, to stop and notice the roses that started to bloom, or warmth of a slow falling sunset? This is the GIFT of Love. When you open your heart to someone completely and risk everything your reward is not necessarily a ticket to forever town with that person. For some people it is a ticket to a NEW you. You will emerge from this event as a butterfly, filled with color and beauty! I am now painfully aware of what matters in life.

  I want to LIVE, not simply exist day by day. My Pain has given me a swap. I fear less, because I have lost. Nothing makes me laugh more than people who live in FEAR of everything. Whether it be Gluten, dairy, whey, soy, bacteria, life, are you ever going to start to live? Why are you so worried about the length of life rather than the value of that life. I rather have a shorter life eating the most delicious food than a long life nibbling on no gluten, dairy, sugar, whey, soy, snack bars. Don’t get me wrong, I love eating healthy, organic foods. I believe in keeping fit and  eating a balanced meal, but come on? It’s getting pretty ridiculous. This is also representative of how people live their lives. People are so calculative in their ways to never feel discomfort. Make money, work countless hours, buy nice cars, pretty clothes, save for your retirement. This is the life plan, work now live later. There has to come a time when you realize, is having a lot of security worth postponing your life? Are you doing what inspires you? If Heartbreak has taught me anything, never live your life believing you have tomorrow. Live every day to the fullest and have no regrets. After all, tomorrow is never promised to anyone.