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Nothing makes you feel as powerless and helpless as a loss of LOVE. You continue to love, and yet there is nothing you can do to put things  back or make things right. Everyday, I live in pain, learning over and over again, to ACCEPT and move forward. The loss of power and control is a lesson that humbles you and strengthens you.

FAITH, is your light. Most days you wont be able to see a sign of things getting better, and you will just want to give up. This is where you must believe in something you do not know. Leave room in your heart to accept somethings you cannot understand, why, how, or what. Like fine wine, TIME is needed to prepare the heart and mind  for various reasons you do not know. 

Learning to “believe” is a humbling experience and astonishing to realize how difficult it has become as an adult. To believe in the impossible or unexplainable is somehow attached to child like. Adults are meant to understand facts, and what is real and what is not. We constantly research answers, and lead a life of believing in only what can be proven. 

What does such a life lead to? I would be lying if I said a tragic life, and honestly, such a life is usually very productive and organized. The problem only appears when a tragedy beyond your control occurs. It is at this time, rational thinking and explanation is of no use. Your constant search of answers, will give you no peace. The fact is, we cannot CONTROL everything that happens, and sometimes in life you must surrender to it. Believe in the unknown, this is the only way to prevent your heart from becoming bitter and cold.

I have accepted there is nothing I can do regarding my broken heart, but what I can do is make sure 5 years from now I can look back on the break and be THANKFUL. One of my favorite saying is, “If you have lemons make Lemonade!” I hope in the future, I will have taken this tragedy, and somehow transformed it into something fabulously positive in my life. We may not have the power to choose what hapens to us, but we have the power to decide what we do with it,