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Dear Readers, 

In the spirit of the holiday I have decided to blog about the true gifts of Christmas. As you know, since my breakup, I have faced a year of life changing events, and heart ache. This Christmas, it feels different for me. I have a new set of eyes, and they are singing a much different tune, I have always been a true Christmas lover, and I hope I always will be. I love the dazzling twinkle lights, and the cheerful christmas jingles, and the jolliness of Santa itself. However, as I am faced with the return of the Glamour that is Christmas, it suddenly leaves me to realize how confused we all really are.

So what is the true meaning of Christmas? I am not talking about the biblical version or the one from Hollywood. This one comes from my strict observation of Earth itself. Winter is Earth at sleep, or if we want to be morbid, the death that occurs at the end of a seasonal cycle. Animals burrow under ground, the earth freezes up and everything starts preparing for the creation of New life in Spring. If you are lucky enough to live in a climate that snows, you cannot deny the calm, and peace that occurs when your city is blanketed with snow, It is a spiritual time, and a moment of reflection. I cannot believe such a holiday as, “Christmas”, coincidentally lands in Winter. Just as some animals burrow in the ground, this is a moment of “INNER” development. 

Christmas has some how been taken over by our own ignorance and made into a ostentatious display of decoration, materialism, and celebration. Do not get me wrong, I am not a Christmas Grinch and I am not saying we should not decorate or give gifts. However, realize this is a moment of reflection rather than celebration. It is a time to reflect upon the year, and be thankful for your loved ones. From my own experience and observation we seem to overlook this very important meaning. We are much too distracted by things regarding our outer self, we forget to realize death is part of life. We all will not be here forever, and it is a time to appreciate the one’s you love.  Placing value on “stuff” and spending money or making a wish list is completely missing the point. 

Make this Winter a meaningful Christmas, and burrow inside your Soul.