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In the spirit of Thanksgiving I’ve decided to start a “Thankful” list. For those of you who have followed me, know that this blog is basically a “Confessions of a Broken Heart”. However, through all my comstant pain, it is the feeling of thanks, that pulls me through. It gives me hope, and purpose and even for a moment lets you forget the things you do not have.

“Thank you” is in my opinion a magic word. When you feel thankful you feel at peace. When someone thanks you, you feel love. 

My Thankful List:

1.) My mom: She is completely unlike me, and I don’t think she will ever understand me, but she makes me laugh, and I know she loves me. 

2.) My Grandfather: He passed away awhile ago, but he still remains with me, protecting me, and his words of support for my talents remain as a constant comfort.

3.) My Ex and loving him. He was by no means prince charming at the the end of our relationship. The relationship was definitely more pain than joy, but if you were to ask me, if I could take it all back, would I? The answer is a clear No. I was smashed to pieces, and left completely broken, but I discovered there is great beauty in this rubble of nothingness. It is a fresh start, All secrets, or shadows, revealed, and here I stand, just me. I will always love him. 

4.) Christmas: This may sound silly but I love the twinkle lights tacky socks, and christmas socks! I drink hot coco everyday of december, and watch Christmas movies. I have a tradition of picking one or two favorite ornaments a year and marking the year on the back. It is my goal to be one of those old ladies who has a tree filled with ornaments and stories.

5) My Dog: She also passed away, but her memories still fill my heart with warmth. She loved me so unconditionally and that is something very hard to find. 

6) Fuzzy Slippers: Every morning I am so thankful for my slippers. Nothing keeps my feet as snug and cuddly as these slippers!

7) Chocolate: Without fail, melt it, mix it, nothing turns a bad day around like good old chocolate!

8)Nice People: You can’t imagine ho endangered, “nice people” are. In the jungle that is life, they are a dying race. If you are a good person, a friend, or loved, I personally thank you, because you make this world a better place.

9) Art: Since the beginning of time it is Art that sets the soul free, and expression an come alive. Study, learn, and enjoy art.

10) YOU: Whether you stumbled on my post today or you are a follower, thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. Whether you agree or disagree I appreciate just the fact you took the time to read my words. THANK YOU.