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You look your entire life, to finally find your twin flame. The one other person in this world that shares your soul, why in the world would you break up with someone like that? Are we not taught that true love means you stay together, through the good the bad, all of it?

The truth is, twin flame relationships are on a High Risk level. This means, as beautiful and in love as you are, it can break quite easily if you do one thing. You must not ever lie. If you continue to lie to your twin, it is guaranteed to break. You cannot hide anything from your twin and this will cause much tension and strain that you will not understand. You may start to think, in my last relationships my partner did not over react like this, and start to doubt the value of your flame. However, what you fail to realize is, your twin, shares a soul, and when you lie they feel it. You will be stressed beyond reason trying to keep up with your lies, and the relationship is doomed. You must be able to surrender yourself to each other, and trust completely. It is only at this time, the relationship will blossom and you can help eachother grow, other wise, your twin flame can destroy you. After all, who knows more secrets, than your twin.