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Life is Never what it seems, at least for me. People that I care about, seem to vanish out of my life as if directed from a secret producer. As you can imagine such experiences have made me quite aware of the coming and goings of people.
To put it simply, life gives you a one way pass. There is no going back, the past is left in the past and moving forward and cherishing the moments are all we can do.
Life is one big voyage to a secret destination, you may have many connection changes, and come across many people at each stop but the reality is, as just as many hellos, there will be goodbyes. The reason is, everyone has their own destination, and although you may spend wonderful moments together, when the time comes, they have to get off and head to wherever they are suppose to be.
This is why I believe so many marriages and relationships fall apart. People fall in love, and they work so desperately to keep their love forever. They make promises to eachother and choose to devote their lives to eachother, but what is a promise to the strength of Destiny? If you are not meant to go to the same place, sooner or later you split. I never look at a Goodbye as a forever thing. I believe someday your path may cross again, and if you really want it, you have to keep moving forward. Never forget, there is a bigger purpose for your existence and you must achieve it, despite how painful it maybe.