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This whole week I have been attending a Sales Seminar, and my mind is BLOWN. If you want to find what’s wrong with the world, go into sales. We studied tactics to success, marketing schemes, and most importantly how to make MONEY, which according to them is the most important thing of your life. I had no idea people could talk about money for so long. Literally, 7 hours of MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! Im pretty sure when they see people they no longer see faces but dollar signs. I kid you not, the head representative, taught skills like, “selling to the pastor of a church”, because when you get the top you get all of them. I also heard experiences of sales people who send cards for Halloween because it is the month before their biggest Sales. Every kind gesture, of humanity are all performed in the manner to make money. What happened to good customer service just because you are human and you care? Is everything just about making profit? Do we only live for money? Lately, I am starting to realize, being poor has its hidden gifts. It allows you to not be distracted by material things, and to be blinded by greed. What is a life with all the money in the world, if you lose your humanity, compassion, and soul? Needless to say, Im a bit traumatized…. this needs to change. We need more “mama papa” type stores that actually care about consumers, but unfortunately huge corporations tear them down.