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Im sorry, I have completely lost track of the Lessons Learned from Heartbreak Series. I guess it doesn’t matter what day or what number lesson it is, as long as you know, pretty much everything I blog about on this site is regarding what LOve and Heartbreak have taught me.

For a long time, as you know, I have been heartbroken. I was a walking, living, breathing, open wound. The pain has lessened day by day and lately I feel I have reached my rebirth. The reason I feel this way now, is because everything around me is changing. For a long time everything existed frozen in time, and now things are moving, and it is beyond my power. Have you ever had that feeling you are being pulled into something? Step by step, you roll into your intended destiny. The memory of my ex grows fainter everyday, and this helps me grow stronger. Love is a strange phenomena. My ex grows fainter in my brain, but in my heart the pain burns strong. I don’t believe you ever get over someone you love, but you can get use to a new “lifestyle”. In my case, I feel my desire to avoid the continuous pain I have somehow evolved my life 180 degrees. I live somewhere new, I cut off all of our mutual friends, which was basically everyone from my past 10 yrs. I am mingling with law students, who think on the opposite universe as Art students. I am busy studying Art, making music, and creating my own Art pieces. The more my energy is absorbed by these new things the less I find myself thinking about my Ex. I wish I could say, this means I’m over it, but unfortunately, love is much more complicated than that. He is inside me, and rebirth or not, he will always be dear to my heart.