I use to live in a Glass House. I was safe there. Nobody could ever hurt me. No dust, or water could touch me. My pretty dress and hair, stayed perfect day after day. All I had was a pencil. I would write and draw, everything I could imagine. Rain? I  wonder what it feels like? What is it like? Little droplets falling on my skin?

One day, a boy came by and knocked over my home. The glass shattered and I was free, but I was scared. I wanted to stay inside the box. I wanted to keep my life, but I had no choice, the deed was done, and my home was no more. My perfect life, gone forever.

I ventured outside, and noticed the warmth on my skin. It was bright, and warm. It was the sun. So this is life, such a beauty indeed. So many beautiful colors flutter through the air. Then water, in little droplets, fell on my skin one by one. Rain! So this must be rain. Then the most miraculous beauty of all…red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple…..such beauty! The miracles of our world, it was a Rainbow!