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I first learned about Pandora’s Box as a young girl studying Greek Mythology. As I came across this story, now as a woman, it was interesting to me how the meaning had changed. Pandora’s box is about the daughter of Zeus who was  forbidden to open a box. Of course curiosity takes over, and the box is opened, and Envy,Crime, Hate, and Disease are now set free into the world of humans.

As a child I related to this story as a lesson. A child who did not listen to her parents led to very bad and irreversible consequences. However, now as an adult, I relate to this story as more of a metaphor. The locked chest representing your heart, and the forbidding of opening it as a metaphor to fear of getting hurt. However, the power, desire or curiosity of love is too strong, and you decide to open it. From here your demons rush out. Insecurities, fears, from past, present, come rushing out. Level headed as you are, love is no match.

When I let love in, I was flooded with emotion and filled with confusion. Like a disease, I felt crippled by my magnified flaws.Like leaky holes in a foundation, I could feel I was crumbling, and finally I did. Mass destruction conquered me. However, just like in the story of Pandora’s box, there was one more thing left. A small bug, representing HOPE, made it’s  appearance known, and it was clear. Everything would be okay. Hope is there to show you the way…