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Lessons learned from Heartbreak

Day 15: WHat is love? It is a complex question that I have yet to find a solid answer for. However I do know for a fact,  if you research it, you will find yourself more lost than when you started. So many contradicting examples, and descriptions, leaving you to decide what love is for yourself. This is proof in itself, that love is something quite extraordinary. 

When I think of love, I put it in the same category as “faith”, and “soul”. There is a mysticism about it that lacks any proof or concrete existence. It has no “exact” form, or description and yet it’s power is undeniable. It can take the most sane individual to the brink of insanity, and cause wars and murders.  It’s structure is built on trust and belief but with the mental decision to not believe, Love can instantly blow up or vanish. It is the closest thing to magic I know, and has a heavily blurred line between illusion and reality. 

How do you know if it is love? Most people believe love is based on actions. If he loves he/she will ________. It seemed to be more of a “proof” game. Prove “xyz” or it is not love.

For myself, I do not believe in the “prove it” theory. Heartbreak has taught me love is like a gift, and all gifts should be given without any intent to receive anything in return. You give it because you care, and you want to give it. This,  in my opinion is love. So many people cheapen love, making it a game of numbers. I gave you this amount of love, so you need to give me back at least the same amount or more. If you don’t then obviously I am wasting my time, and you do not love me. Sound familiar? No. this is not the point of love. Yes. I was burned in love, but I was one of the lucky ones who had a taste of what it is to love. The ability to experience Love, is the biggest gift of all. It opens your heart, and fills you with compassion and elevates you to a higher understanding. You get a taste of magic. It is a bittersweet flavor of pain, happiness, ecstasy, and purity. It is not the relationship between you and your lover that you should worry about but the relationship you have with love itself. When you realize this,  it empowers you. You have control of how much love you give. You know if it is real or not. Your hidden super power is your  ability to give love. You can create a smile to someone’s face. You can warm some one’s heart by a quick note of appreciation. You have the power to make a change. You will never have any control in how much love you receive, and debating if it is real or not is useless. 

Heartbreak has opened my eyes. As painful as it is, it has taught me so many valuable lessons. The pain, forced me to re- evaluate, what really matters in life. Pain has taught me, it is not until you have lost someone, do you realize how deep the stream of love lies.