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Lessons Learned from Heartbreak

Lesson 14: How to deal with Panic attacks

My panic attacks actually started during the last 2 years of my relationship. I actually didn’t even know what it was, I honestly thought I was dying. Here are some of my tips to get me through a horrible panic attack! 

Tip 1: If  you are having trouble breathing, open a window immediately, and if you can, splash water on your face. If you can barely catch your breath, and feel like you are choking, use a paper bag or plastic bag and breathe in and out.  If your breathing is racing faster and faster, rub your chest in a circular motion and tell yourself you will be okay. 

Tip 2: If you can’t stop shaking, immediately sit down or lie down. Breathe in and out slowly. My personal favorite is, clench your toes and and make fists in both hands and hold your breath for 10 slow seconds, and I guarantee it relaxes your shakes. 

Tip 3: If you are overcome with intense fear and feel like there is no way out call a friend. If no one is available, make sure to turn all your lights on. Turn on the radio, Take a shower. If you cannot move, count to 1000 and believe when you hit 1000 everything will be okay.

Tip 4: If it happens in public, I know it is awful when this happens, but use this to your advantage. Do not go to the bathroom, it will only make it worse. Try to find cold water and a chair, and focus your attention on anything. I actually carry around with me a roller ball of lavender. I got it at l”occitane, and it is used to help you sleep, but it also works to relax you. There are also other natural relaxer scents at organic shops.

Tip 5: Prevention. Eat well, sleep well, and create a relaxing environment. Panic attacks are not really preventable, but my attacks have almost completely stopped since my breakup. My relationship was a huge cause of my fears and anxieties. Try to examine what you are afraid of and when the attacks started. If you can figure this out you can find a possible solution.