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Lesson 13:

One of my biggest flaws is overthinking. Yes, I am a worrier. I over analyze a situation, and one negative idea splits into 2 and then those split,and before I know it I am having a panic attack. The key is to be aware of your habits. When I notice myself starting to dissect a situation, I try to imagine seeing a pure white light. I literally, induce a brain freeze. I wipe out all thoughts, and change mental subjects. 

When you over think a situation, it will usually handicap you from being able to do anything. Fear sets in, and starts to limit all your possibilities. “Preparing” for a situation, and over thinking are two different things and it is important not to mix the two. Preparing, means you are taking action whereas over thinking is just over analyzing the “what ifs”. Take a chance, and don’t over think it.