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Lessons learned from Heartbreak:

Day 11: Love and Heartbreak have  given me a new set of eyes. Most people look at life as if using a telescope. Telescopes allow you to play with how close or far away you see objects, just as we look at life by time. Past, present, future, scheduling, and planning, is how we live our lives. Everything is realistic, and explainable. This is how I use to see the world. 

It took me to be broken, to realize, life is far more beautiful than the predictable telescope. There are colors, and emotions that you can only feel, when you allow yourself to truly love to the limits.  It is the same idea as broken glass. Glass is simply smooth and clear, and light can easily penetrate it. However, it is only till the glass is broken, you are capable to see all the rainbows created by it.

Love is the force that breaks you. It is unexplainable and changes shapes and colors like the turning of a kaleidoscope. I was a huge planner. I had everything planned from A-Z, since I was a little girl. When  love finally came around, none of it mattered. My guy was unimaginably not my type. From physically, to ethically, to even spiritually. I would never have been able to predict I would fall in love with someone so “wrong” for me. My logical brain predicted the relationship was doomed from the start, but my heart didn’t care. Love has taught me, somethings in life are just not explainable. 1+1 will always equal 2 in the “real” world, but in love, it can end up any number. All rules, and plans flew out the window, and it blew up in my face, but you know what? It was the first time in my life that I can really say I “Lived”. Before that moment, I was always careful, always did what I was told, and never risked anything. Some would say I had a “perfect” life, and yet I can say with conviction, I learned, and lived more when I was a total mess.

Learning to love unconditionally, and needing someone, has taught me emotions I did not even know existed. I am changed forever, and because of it, my life is no longer measured by the ticks of a clock, or the zooming of a lens. Life is about finding the beauty we normally miss, and feeling the colors we normal overlook. Its about “living” with emotion, and valuing love over everything and anything.