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Lessons Learned From Heartbreak

Lesson 8: 

Today I met an unexpected guest. As I headed outside to my garden, and my painting studio I was greeted by a lizard. The last time I saw a live lizard was in High School, and that was a lifetime ago. Anyways, for some reason it gave me an urge to google, meanings of lizards. Believe it or not, there are beliefs of meanings when you encounter a lizard, and it turned out to be the perfect advice I could have asked for. It was so appropriate to my current life circumstance, I couldn’t help believe, this was not a coincidence. 

According to the article written about lizards, it stated you need to let go of a situation that is hurting you. Just like a lizard detaches itself from its tail when it is captured, you must also let go.  It stated the Lizard also feels pain at the detachment, but goes on to survive and grow a new tail.  Perhaps you are not able to  completely detach from an issue or situation, but you must let go for awhile to protect yourself, to survive, and have inner re-birth or re-growth and rejuvenation.  After this “away” time for yourself, you will be able to face the issue or problem with a renewed vision for completion and/or success.

Lately, I have been in a rut, and this advice came at the perfect time. It reminded  me that, I “needed” this break up. I needed to detach myself from this bad situation. It was time for me to accept what was cut and finally experience my re-birth. I never thought about a lizard as a perfect metaphor for break ups, but it works remarkably.  A couple in love feel like one person, and then something happens and it is severed. Just like a lizard who is faced with his tail being cut off, he must leave that tail to survive and grow a new tail. In my case I believe, this breakup needed to happen so I could grow a new life. It needed to be cut to make this happen. This is the nature of life, and as bittersweet as it may feel, in the end we survive for a bigger cause. Whatever that may be, I keep trying.