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Lesson 6: We are all aware of physical death. It comes once in our life, and we are all terrified of this fatal moment. However, what about the death no one seems to talk about? The one where you still physically live but your heart has died. It is the closest thing to the living dead. Anyone who has experienced this type of death knows how painful and confusing such emotions are.

You continue to exist, despite part of your life is dead. For me, this was the most painful part of the break up. I exist, and yet the life I knew, and the future I imagined all wiped out, changed forever. You continue to love this person, and yet you can no longer contact them, and if you are like me and move millions of miles away, chances are you will never meet this person again. Ever. It is a incredible thought. Who I was 6 months ago is no longer in existence. She is gone forever.
My heartbreak has taught me, there is death in life. These fatal, irreversible moments, that close chapters in your life. Nothing is the same. You are not the same. You are forced to evolve. It is a rebirth. Everyday, I have flashbacks of my past, and who I was, and everyday, I feel myself walk further away from that life. It is bittersweet, but I still have “me”. My memories, my taste, my choices, my voice, are all I carry with me, but I know this is the right way. This is my new life, and all you can do is move forward.