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Hello guys! So I have made it to Day 2 of my series, “Lessons Learned from Heartbreak”,but  I must say I think I was crazy when I decided on “daily”.  

The Golden moment. What is it? It’s that moment when no one is watching, no one is there, and you are left with a decision. Do what you know is right, or choose what is wrong and benefit your situation in someway. 

After my extreme heartbreak I was faced with these choices daily. Your Ego verses your soul. Which do you choose? So many times I wanted to do the wrong thing instead of the right one.  Why not? What do I have to loSe? I have nothing. The love of my life life left me and I still love him. Life is obviously not fair. Who am I to continue playing this game the right way?

The answer is, what does it matter whether you win or lose? For some reason, our society has this fixation on winning, and prizes. Whatever happened to honoring your soul? To not lie or cheat because of honor? After all who are you without your soul?  Life is constantly testing you, and these “Golden moments”, are laying the stones to your future. When you do something wrong, You know it. It doesn’t matter if no one finds out and it somehow furthers your career or life. Material gains, or social recognition usually work against your soul. For example, you have to lie on your resume to get a job. If you do the right thing, you will never get a job anywhere. It is the most bizarre thing, society works in this way.

To exist in this world, you have to constantly fight the battle with yourself. It is easy to be nice and helpful when you have the things you need or want, but the true challenge is when you are at your worst. When you have nothing, and you are miserable, can you still find it in yourself to help others? Can you still remain honest, and fight the desire to become hateful, jealous, or bitter? These are life’s truest challenges, and the moments that really matter.