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Perfection. We all desire it. We all want it. Or do we?

For the past 10 days, I was staying at my brother’s home taking care of his baby boy. 

I was actually quite nervous, because I didn’t believe I could handle it. I had never changed a dirty diaper in my life, and crying babies scare me. Let me start out by telling you, Life is never what it seems. 

My brother has always lived a very “organized” life. He was valedictorian in High School, went to Medical school, met his wife (also a doctor), got married, and now have a baby. Not one wrong turn, everything perfectly calculated and in it’s right place. He has a beautiful new home, 2 guest bedrooms, 2 dogs, and 2 luxury cars. This is truly an enviable life, and perfect by all means from the outside, but is it?

The fact is, behind every perfect family, there are problems. Both my brother and his wife are very busy people. They are constantly working and the baby is usually in day care. They have 4 different strollers, but seem to never have the time to use them. In the back yard, they have a sandbox, fresh and new with a water toy, growing fresh cobwebs. All the “material” things are there, but no one uses them. There is no “life” , this is not a home.

What defines a life, is not the certificates or medals you achieve. It is based on the memories you make, and the value of those memories. For myself, I decided to make it the best 10 days every. My first experience, of what it would be like to be a “Mother”.  I am proud to say, I think I could be a very good mom. Although, I am a worrier, and I learned having a baby around, multiplies the things you worry about. Anyways, I took him on 3-4 walks a day. When he went in the sandbox, I went in the sandbox. I quickly noticed he  really does not know how to play. I buried his feet, and built castles.  When I made meals, I ate with him, I talked to him, I sang with him. His inquisitive mind, looked at me with surprise, and copied almost everything I did.  A child, is such a beautiful, and amazing experience. If you are lucky enough to be blessed with one, why would you chose to not spend time with it? I can’t understand why people, put their careers ahead of the “essence” of life. The true meaning. Yes, I understand you need to survive, you need to eat. I know it is hard to give up a career you worked so hard for, but wake up. When will you start living life? Money is made for you, not the other way around. A child is not a toy. It is the most precious thing in the world. The word “priceless” has never been used more appropriately.  If you have the financial option to care for it yourself, why would you not? All the toys in the world, can not make up for the time lost with your child. 

If ever, I am lucky enough to have a child of my own one day, there is no way I would give up any precious moments for the sake of money or career? I think people forget, that having a baby is a gift. The most precious gift in the world, and nothing should be placed of higher importance.

The fact os, the world would be a much more loving place, if people took the time and energy to focus on family. Forget about impressing others. Look to yourself, on the inside and cherish what is most important. “to love, and be loved…”