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Heartbreak. Everyone fears being hurt. Like a ticking time bomb, a failed relationship is countdown to destruction.

When you fall in love, you give them a key to your heart. You let them in completely. The good the bad, it is an unbreakable bond that can only be broken with total destruction. With one final decision, they can obliterate the life you know. This is a risk you take, but is it really a risk at all?

So many people fear, this massive self destruction and avoid all relationships that may be of any “risk”. Mothers warn their daughters of the “bad boys” and stress the “better life choices” of being with someone stable, educated, and financially stable. Women and men, often settle for partners that are “adequate” because of social expectations, and endure a life of “security and safety”. This is how our society works. Safety first. Live never.

Although it is necessary to be safe when it comes to physical safety, I believe with matters of the heart you should not. The heart is meant to explode. The purpose of existence is to push yourself to the limit of destruction, and from there you resurrect. It is like the “firebird” that burns to ashes but is reborn to a phoenix. It is an empowering experience.

Do not fear love. Yes, destruction is awful, but the positive is it gives you a chance at rebirth. If I may get personal with you for a second, my break up has been hard. The man I love, left me devastated. I went from talking to someone everyday about everything, planning a future together, and hopes and dreams all as a unit. Every time, a memory or thought of him is like a massive butcher knife through my heart. In the beginning, all I could feel was my life was over. My past, my future, obliterated in seconds. I gave up all my friends, because they were somehow connected to him, and I moved a million miles away. Basically, the life I knew, died the day he left me. If Im honest with you Im still terrified of what my future holds. Everything, was erased, nothing was left. Of course, there is loneliness, and fear, but now I can believe his “leaving me”, was not leaving at all. He stayed in my past, and set me free. There is life after destruction.