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Those three powerful words, “Lets break up”. 

What do they even mean? Do the words even make sense? It is a cliche statement used by everyone to end a relationship, but, in retrospect it clearly represents how confused we really are regarding matters of the heart. 

When people break up they think of only the “physical” changes. You no longer contact, you physically separate.These are all things you physically do to establish, whatever love you had is now severed. However, matters of the heart have nothing to do with anything we can touch.  Love has no physical form, so “breaking it”,  is a mistranslation on our parts. 

Love either exists or it doesn’t.  If there is love, no distance, time, or space will break the bond that is love. If you break it off and feel no attachment for this person, the love maybe gone for you, but don’t think it’s as simple for the one left behind. There is no greater pain than being left behind by the person you love. It is perhaps the worst pain in the world and in many ways a great injustice in the laws of love. When you walk away, realize, you are not simply leaving them. You are breaking them. You are walking away with parts of their heart, and leaving broken bits continuously causing pain. You leave an imprint of your existence so deep, forgetting, is impossible. You will haunt their days, and nights, and an empty space shaped like you will always be left waiting like an open wound.

In no way am I saying you should stay with someone you no longer love, simply to save them from their misery. In fact, I strongly believe, staying around is more hurtful in the end, with time the pain will be less, but at least, don’t be cruel. Have empathy for the fact they have fallen for someone who will never return their love. You don’t have to keep contact, and you shouldn’t give them false hope, but be courteous. Respect their difficult situation and realize it is not as simple as “lets break up”. It’s more like, “Sorry I broke you.”

In their heart, nothing has changed…

you have left,

but they still love you.