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Plato Synposium: In Greek Mythology it was stated that we use to be creatures with 4 arms and 4 legs. Zeus, who feared the power of this creature cut them in half, condemning them to living a life in search for their other half.

For those of you who have been lucky or unlucky enough to meet your, “soulmate”, you should be able to understand why the Greeks would believe such a story. As crazy as this sounds, this Greek story is EXACTLY how it feeLs to meet your soul mate.

Soul mates are your other half. This does not mean, when you are together it is perfect or you are the happiest you ever been. It is a feeling that is above all of that. It is like two magnets, that click, or two frequencies that charge at the same wave. It is the most amazing experience to connect with this half because, you are beyond naked. You are translucent. You can feel what they feel, and they know who you really are. I cannot stress enough this does not mean it will end in happily ever after, and they will never hurt you.

Soul mates, are two people. You are not incomplete without the other half. Think of your soul as a puzzle piece and your soul mate has the perfect piece to attach to your half. It doesn’t mean your soul doesn’t work without this person, but when your soul meets this soul, it hooks up in a way words cannot describe. It is a bond so close, you can only describe it as become “One” somehow. This by no means equals happily ever after. Disney has beaten this idea of love equaling happiness, but this is incredibly not true.

The bond is extremely powerful. If you work together you can accomplish anything, but if you fight each other, you can also destroy each other. You cannot hide anything, meaning you also know where the weaknesses are.  Both of you connected, are still your own person. You may have different ideas, history, beliefs, education, etc. It is a misconception to believe your soul mate will be just like you. Yes, they can be, but they can also be your total opposite. People often confuse a soul connection with a knowledge based connection. Knowledge based means, the person you or society has created as your ‘perfect partner’. For example, same religion, good job, well educated, kind, etc. This is the partner your brain choses. This choice, will most likely have better odds, of finding the most compatible life partner. It is a man made, bond that is very convenient in pursuing a happy life.  Don’t think, I am looking down at this partnership in anyway. Or belittling it by calling it man made, but I find it important for people to know the difference. “Picking” a good life partner, is not the same as finding your soul mate. Your soul mate is already chosen for you.

If you are lucky, you can spend your entire life with your other half. For me, I was lucky enough to meet my soul mate Even for the moment it was. Unfortunately, it did not end happily ever after. The hardest thing about parting with your soul mate is you lose your home. Before meeting, you lived a life, always “searching”. I never even knew that was what I was doing. With him, I felt it was home. It might have been, chaotic, and completely imperfect, but my heart had found what it was looking for. Now I am back alone. Nobody seems to understand me, not even my Mother can relate to me like him.  The true me, only he knew. I have accepted this Solitude, because I have to. I move forward alone, everyday. Haunted by the idea that, this feeling will never go away, And oddly enough at the same time not wanting it to go away.

Spending my life alone is something I have to accept.  I have to, or you just can’t live.