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Dear Moms everywhere!

Happy Mother’s Day!!! Whether you have flaws or not, being a, “Mom” makes you extraordinary! The fact that you made a human being, is the most miraculous, and magical thing on this earth. Only mothers have the experience of making such an amazing thing, and just for that you are bumped into a super category!

I hope someday I will be a mom, but these things you never know. It really is a gift that comes to the lucky ones. When I was younger, I dreaded the monthly visit from you know who, but now that I think about it, what an amazing thing! The female body, is such a magical, superhuman, and powerful form. We maybe “physically” weaker than our male counterpart, but lets see a man whip out a baby. It is no wonder some countries, celebrate women as godly creations!

We should all take this day not just as a celebration of Mothers but a reminder of how Incredible these women are! If you are a man, cherish females, and honor the beauty and power they are capable of. Support, and nourish them, and look upon them with awe. If you are a lady without child, celebrate being a sex that is so empowering. Treat yourself well, and love your mother for giving you this Life. Never look down, you are capable of so much.

Lastly, Thank you to my mom. She is truly a supermom and I am always in awe how much she handles. No mom is perfect, but they are Amazing!

BRAVO to Moms everywhere!!!