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Do you ever feel like, life is just not fair? You push through your days, trying your best and being a “good” person, but you just can’t seem to catch a break. One hurdle after the other and for some reason your hurdles seem more difficult than others. Why is life so unfair to you?

The truth is, life is not fair. Whenever you feel things are “unfair” this is a signal that this is training for you. Think of it as a marathon. “Unfair” situations are actually challenges, and the more you get, the stronger you become.

Some people receive very little hurdles in their life, while others have way too many. This clearly appears unfair, but is it really? You are two different people, and you have two different destinies. Isn’t it possible your challenges are more intense because you are being shaped to become a more complex person? Life never gives you anything you cannot handle, and every challenge has a purpose. Each experience is shaping you into the person you need to become, and you just need to have faith and push through. Believe in yourself, and never give up.