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Hate is something that people do to cope with pain. When you say “I hate you.” What you really mean is “I am in pain because of you.” You maybe asking, why does it even matter?

The truth is, people who use hate to feel better, do nothing to find the right cure. It is an animalistic response, of Revenge. You feel pain, therefore, you believe the only way to achieving relief is if they also feel pain. You want them to suffer, to have harm come their way. Hate makes you feel justified, for otherwise socially taboo behavior. What you are basically doing is taking a wrong, and making it worse.

If people would instead say ” I am in pain because of you.” The attention would be focused on the right subject, which is Pain itself. You are in Pain, why? How did this happen, how can we prevent this from happening again? How can you relieve yourself of this Pain? The answers are in finding Solutions, not in creating more problems. Hating is only causing more hate, and a bigger mess. It is complete nonsense and helps no one.