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A few weeks ago I wrote about “Denial” and how it helps you trick yourself out of a sad position, and allows you to become productive. Although, I still believe it is extremely productive and allows you to get the things you need done, there are repercussions for bottling up things that hurt you.

Every time, I would start to think sad thoughts about my ex, I would zap them out of my mind. I was quite impressed at how good I had gotten at avoiding any thoughts of him. During this time, I started learning French, Art History, Philosophy, playing the violin and piano again, and working on my project. So I had really thought, this was the secret to overcoming heartbreak.

Yesterday, those bottled emotions, fabulously exploded. Something very small happened, and I couldn’t stop crying. All my emotions, flooded out of me. Thoughts I had pushed down, had found its way back to the surface, and I found myself fabulously exploded into pain-fetti.

So what is the wiser choice to dealing with heartbreak? This of course is different for everyone, and is a personal choice. However, for me, I still believe in “denial”. Considering how much I accomplished verses one day of explosive tears, it is the best solution for me.Yes, the pain doesn’t go away, but sulking in self pity doesn’t do anything either. I know there is no magic pill for pain, and I don’t believe, anyone can save you from it, so why not put it aside to get some work done. At least this way, a part of your Life can continue to grow. Just be aware nothing disappears, and pain-fetti is not fun.