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Image Francois GilotImageFrancois Gilot

ImageImage Olga Khokhlova

ImageImage  Marie- ThereseWalter ImageImage Dora Maar

Picasso had many many lovers throughout his life, and most of his paintings were inspired by these women. His first wife was a ballerina, Olga Khoklova which he had a son, Paulo. During this marriage he took up with a mistress, Marie Therese Walter who was almost 30 years younger. He had a daughter with her named Maya. He then also picked up another mistress, Dora Maar who he called his “muse”. She was unable to have a baby, and was said to have inspire Picasso “Crying Woman” painting. She became very jealous when he took up a new lover Francois Guilot, also a painter near the end of his life.