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In your darkest hour, and hardest moments, remember the Butterfly. The life of a Butterfly speaks the truth about Nature. You may start out as this awkward caterpillar going through life day to day with no major problems. Then something life changing happens and your life is smashed.  Changed forever. Everything goes black. Nothing makes you happy anymore. Darkness devours you and you feel you won’t make it through.

When this happens, imagine the cocoon. Imagine this is where you are. The transition between catepillar and butterfly, needs a moment of darkness. It is depressing, frustrating, lonely, and scary.

This is your preparation for a truly spectacular transition. Hang in there! Soon you will be breaking through that cocoon, wrapping you so tight! Your moment is coming soon! The big reveal is on it’s way! Don’t dare give up…soon you will see you re a Butterfly!