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One of the gems of “Blog” type sites, is that you can speak your mind. This is not Twitter, Facebook, or Match.com, you don’t have to impress anyone. It is a place to express your Real opinions, the Real you. Don’t fluff the truth, or avoid topics that are controversial. You can’t imagine how many articles I have read, that have helped me, because someone had the courage to share their story. As embarrassing or horrible as you might think it is, I guarantee millions of others have been there or Need your experience to get them through. 

I decided to write about speaking the truth today because as I was watching the news today and I realized so many issues are a result of people not speaking the truth. Everyone wants to please everybody, and we create this false ‘Truth’ that destroys people.

If you have a opinion, there is someone out there who needs to hear it. Politically correct, or socially acceptable is not necessary, speak the truth. The discussion between, agreeing or not agreeing has been one of my favorite things about WordPress. It makes me think, and I feel closer to people more than I have ever felt. The rawness and realness is refreshing, and the more people that share their “demons” or truths, the closer we will all get to a deeper understanding of each other.