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As the social media network continues to take over the world, we as ‘real’ people are rapidly becoming instinct. The question seems to be, how fake can we be? Whether it be the 42,000 facebook friends, fake eyelashes, fake hair, fake nails, fake resume, we do everything in our power to cover up who we really are. The sad thing is, we feel we have to or we cannot compete. The strive for perfection, has moved the bar very high, and if you are genuine and real you will get left behind.

In all this ‘fake”ness it is no surprise that love is also affected. Finding love is more confusing today, than ever. Who are you? The “social media” YOU is confusing everyone around you. For example, when you post a sexy photo of yourself partying, it is portraying you as someone you might not be. An innocent picture could be read in a million different ways, and whether it is intentional or not, you are creating an “Image” that is Biased. Β It is the equivalent, of reading about movie stars in magazines, it is just a snip it of their lives, but it creates a very profound image of who people think you are. Rather than getting to know you the old fashion way, people are now skipping this step and judging you by what you put out there. Human insecurities will create a desire to be something you are not, leading you to represent yourself as someone else. The world needs the real YOU, but nobody will ever know that person because your Facebook profile says something else.

Sometimes, I feel suffocated by social media. It makes it very difficult to not snoop around in useless information, or to focus on yourself. It works exactly like junk food. A wonderful quick fix, addictive, sometimes regretful, and definitely makes you feel fat.

But what can you do? This is how our world functions now. Not having it would outcast you. For myself, I constantly remind myself to not care what people think about me. Care about what you think first, and then your loved ones, everyone else does not matter. I also have one day a week where I wear no make up, and I do my errands. You can’t imagine how important it is to remain confident without make up. Be all natural, it is therapeutic! Also be sure you are spending more time in person with friends and loved ones. It is so easy nowadays to stay in contact through, skype, facetime, messenger, nobody seems to actually meet up. Whatever the case, please stay ‘real’. Living in a world of masked faced zombies texting on their iphone 24/7 is creepy.