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Today, I was having one of those days, where you feel sad but you don’t know why. It’s not like anything new happened, or that I had any human contact, but I just woke up with sadness in my heart. If I want to get all analytical, I have a good idea why. Anyway, this got me started on thinking about happiness. I decided I would think about this question, what makes me Happy? I decided to start a list and whenever I realize a new thing that puts a smile on my face, even for a second, I would add it on. I highly suggest anyone to give it a try. Keep it somewhere safe, and when you have a bad day bring it out. Here is what I came up with so far.

What makes me Happy

1. Looking at puppies and kitties on youtube. 

2. Making annoying crunching sounds with crispy food.

3. Playing piano, and singing show toons.

4. Drawing or painting, this is 50/50. It also makes me cry a lot.

5. Cooking while watching Iron Chef and pretending to be on the show.

6. Green Tea!

7. Getting my hair done.

8. walking in Nature. Gardens, mountains, beaches. 

9. Trying to rap. 

10. Making crafty things.

11. Putting smileys on my food, pancakes, omelettes, etc.

12. Pintrest!

13. Bubble Baths

14. Baking chochlate chip cookies. 

15. Fashion Show! Lol, hosted in my room in front of a mirror. 

16. Running! JUst kidding! I don’t like running, but I like the idea of wanting to do it.

17. Gardening. Right now we have strawberries and lemons!

18. Documentaries..they fascinated me! 

19. Museums, and exhibitions.

20. Composing music, but this can be frustrating too.

21. Checklists! I’ve written about my love for them.

22. My sweats. Whoever created elastic waistbands, Thank you!

23. Fresh cut flowers on my desk.

24. Trying to speak french.

25. Pollyana..with haylie mills!