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If you think I am telling the dog to stop chasing their tail, you would be wrong. Whenever I see a dog, feverishly, chasing their tail, I can’t help but laugh, and wonder why do they this? Could it be that entertaining to chase their tail? Don’t they know Even if they do catch it, they will have to let it go? What provokes this pointless game?

Then it made me realize, do we not do the same? Think about it. How many times have you chased something that runs away. You go round and round, gaining momentum, as the runner equally gains speed. Is this some weird animal instinct? Do we find excitement in the chase? We clearly look comical doing this and yet, it somehow amuses us. Finally we catch it and then realize, “Wait, what do I do with this? How am I going to keep this?” Yes. Unfortunately, just as a tail and the mouth will never live side by side, certain pairs will also never be meant to stay together.

The key to happiness, is realizing when to let go, and stop your dizzy ways of going round and round. Think of times you have thought about an idea over and over again, to only bring you nowhere. There is a big difference from never giving up and chasing something that is useless. Some things in life are just made this way.

(If you like this post, check out Chopin’s Piano waltz which he composed inspired by watching his dog chase his tail. If you ever catch yourself chasing something you clearly shoudn’t, now you have the perfect background music! I will post the video in my next post.) 🙂