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AUGUSTE RODIN (1840 -1917)


The Kiss was originally meant to be about the characters Paolo and Francesca, from Dante’s “Divine Comedy”. Rodin was trying to re-create the scene where the two lovers embrace in a passionate kiss, just before Paolo is slain by Francesca’s husband. The lovers are then condemned to wander the gates of eternal Hell. Rodin later decided that this depiction did not match the  happiness and sensuality of the sculpture, and later presented it as an independent work. The public started to call it The Kiss, and an abstract title was created.

The past couple of days, I have posted paintings around the theme of a kiss. The interesting thing I am realizing is, Art is the most beautiful way to describe love.  Love is actually a poetic journey. For example this sculpture by Rodin, look at the dominance of the woman. She is enraptured by the man, and the man in some ways, elegantly accepts. Unlike, the painting by Klimt, in this work of art, the roles are reversed. However, both, equally beautiful, and instantly grab the hearts’ of their viewers.