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  1. The Kiss – Gustav Klimt

    the kiss gustav klimtThe Kiss (1907-1908) by Gustav Klimt, an Austrian Symbolist painter.

    Painted at the high point of his “Golden Period” it displays an embracing couple surrounded by gold patterns that can be found in the robes. The style was influenced by the arts and crafts movement and Art Nouveau. The colors and sparkles are created by oil paint and gold leaf. Unlike the painting by Munch, that I put up yesterday, this kiss seems to be one of life. The vibrant colors, and the use of gold, makes one feel as something is blossoming. The couple are engulfed in crimson yellow, like a golden sun. This love is one of life and power. The way they embrace suggests a surrendering to each other, and level of trust and comfort. This is a truly Beautiful painting depicting the golden quality of Love.