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Mirror, mirror, on the wall… who’s the fairest of them all?

Perception, is everything. How you view yourself, will shape the course of your Life. The most important opinion is your own. If you depend on the acceptance of others, you will be greatly disappointed. Do not under estimate the beauty you cannot see. You could be the most amazing Swan, but if your reality believes  you are nothing but a useless, ugly creature, this becomes your reality. It doesn’t matter how many people tell you otherwise, your mental reality has created another image. When you look in the mirror you see someone who is not good enough.

So what is beauty to you? Models are described as the ultimate form of “beauty”, but in actuality, models are not beautiful enough either. They go to one casting call after another, being told they are too thin, or too fat, their nose is too big or too small, and some too exotic, or too plain. So which is it? Is no one  beautiful enough? 

This quest for “beauty” is the exact reason, beauty products, and plastic surgery is a multi billion dollar industry. We are chasing a rainbow of perfection that does not exist. The key to being beautiful, is to allow yourself to believe that you are. Depending on the acceptance of others means nothing. For example, you may be too fat in one society, and the most gorgeous creature in the world in another. There are actual villages in Africa that believe, Fat, is the new Super Beauty. This is just one example, of how, for one person, it may be gross, but for another, you could be godly. Learn to believe in your Beauty, and it will be easier for you to accept people who want to admire you. You might not realize it, but a positive perception of yourself, will all you to accept the gifts that life will offer you.