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Personally, I feel the word “loneliness” has gotten a bad wrap. Everyone runs from this uneasy word and negative feelings emerge as soon as you hear it. If you do anything alone, whether it be have a dinner, or a movie, people stare with utter sympathy. Society has created this negative stigma about being alone, when reality is, “loneliness” is actually you not wanting to be with YOU.

So your  relationship breaks, which do you fear more? Losing your lover or being alone? Before you answer quickly, think about it. Often times people confuse love with “needing” someone. This “need” is created by fear of being alone. Being alone means, you have no distractions from yourself. It’s just you and yourself everywhere you go. If you do not like yourself or know who you are, the idea of being alone is terrifying. The “need” you feel is actually you running from this truth.

The truth is, we are born with our own path. Our road might merge into others, for a short time, or for a lifetime, but your path is still yours. If you let the fear of loneliness take over, you get off this path and walk onto someone else’s. This will never work.

If you want your next relationship to have a chance. Use this time to get know yourself. Listen to your voice, and find out what you like. There’s this one movie called, “Runaway Bride” with Julia Roberts, and there is a scene where she tries eggs cooked in every single way. She never thought about her own opinion. Whatever her partner liked, that was her favorite. Deal with being alone, and learn to love yourself. As soon as you can do this loneliness will turn into solitude.