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  1. The kiss by edvard munch

    Edvard Munch (most famouly known for his painting The Scream) captured the passion of love in this powerful expressionist painting The Kiss(1897).

    Notice how the faces are blurred together and one is no longer able to see the one from the other. They are locked together in a kiss, but the use of color suggests such darkness. The figures are melded together in an embrace, but it does not give off a warm feeling. It is almost suggestive of obsession. A loss of identity, and needing each other to survive. It is intersting to see the only form of light or color is used in the window that peaks out from the blue curtain. It almost suggests, how couples often, block themselves from the outside world, and can no longer see anything but the two of them. For me, I get the impression from the use of shadows, and the type of embrace that this is a relationship of passion,but the kind that has no room to breathe. It consumes you, and brings you little joy. They madly love each other and cannot let go, even though it is destroying them. There is no life in this type of love.
    The Kiss can be seen at The Munch Museum.