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How could we forget? Today I read a post by a fellow blogger, gpicone, http://ipledgeafallegiance.wordpress.com/ and I realized I had forgot about Earth Day. You may think I’m odd but as a child this was one of my favorite days because there would always be the coolest events. I remember one year, I was given the topic of “Over population” and I made the coolest booth out of an old refrigerator box.

The thing that surprises me is how easily forgotten this holiday became. I watched the news, and I was online, but nothing was mentioned. The only thing I remembered was a tiny earth next to youtube with some penguins, and thinking that was odd, but brushed it off.

What happened to Earth? The news is filled with topics about terrorism, and bomb threats, but is it okay to forget Earth? In respect to my favorite planet to live on, all my posts today will be related somehow to Earth.

Take care..