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1. Japanese fan. This is not only totally fashionable, but if it is hot, opt for this  antique fan than putting the air conditioner on. Saving energy means saving the planet.

2. Hankerchief. No lady should be without one. 😉 Not only that can you imagine how much we waste with the disposable hand towels we use in a day. This is a softer, cuter way to dry your hands.

3. Thermis. Not only will this keep your drink colder or hotter, it will save on those wasted plastic bottles, or disposable cups we throw away everyday.

4. Reusable shopping bag. Paper or plastic? Neither. Bring your own fashionable  bag, and save the earth. What a waste to throw all that plastic away, just to carry it from the store to your home.

5. Bring a book. We waste so much electricity reading on electric books, ipads, iphones, etc. if you have time to killl, read the old fashion way and save some needed electricity.

6. Cute hairclip. Didn’t have time to wash your hair? Good! Saving water saves the planet. Cover up day old hair with a fabulous clip!

7. Cute candy containers. We all need some candy during the day, but do you know how much packaging is wasted on those individually wrapped candies? Buy in bulk and refill your containers, it will also be cheaper.

8. Old fashion perfume holders. I have a fabulous antique parfume holder called a snuff box. I bought it in belgium in a fabulous antique shop. Not only can you refill with your favorite parfume but it lasts forever. Plus it is a fabulous converstion piece. 😉